Beautiful Venice

As I step into the brisk air from the hotel, on my first morning, I could see what all the fuss was all about. The light dances across the water as this ancient city wakes up. The inhabitants head to their working days, well before the tourist have stirred. The warm colours of the crumbling render on the front of the buildings make patterns that tell the history of its many years.

The thing about Venice is you just have to go with the flow, nothing is in a straight line and that’s the beauty of it. A sign says Rialto that way and on the next turning it says the opposite, it feels like you are walking in circles. But eventually, you find where you want to be with a little patience, its all part of the Venice charm.

I spent 4 days happily wondering through the backstreets of Venice, ducking into a gallery, peering through the windows of craft shop, watching the locals go about their everyday lives as I soak up the atmosphere of this most beautiful city. I must of wondered around every street many times but every time it looks so different, dependent on the time of day. The light reflects on the water or the shadows push the colour tones ever intenser. The soft light in the morning when the light is low to the strong midday sun with the hard shadows make patterns on the neighbouring buildings. Where ever you walk in Venice the colours and texture are simply magical and well worth a visit.

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